Welcome to 10tacled online store September 5, 2016 23:53 1 Comment

Welcome to 10tacled online store
Hello and welcome to the new 10tacled webshop and blog. In the past year many of my customers, who live outside of London, would ask me if eventually, they would be able to buy 10tacled products from the comfort of their homes. I’ve listened to all their suggestions and I’ve spent most of my evenings constructing this website. Building an online store is much more complicated than I initially thought and it took much longer than I’ve anticipated, but it is finally here! And isn’t it awesome?!? I hope you’ll all find the webshop easy to navigate and functional, but if for any reason you should encounter any trouble your feedback would be greatly appreciated and I’ll make sure to fix any bugs. The checkout is operated by Shopify, which is one of the most secure e-commerce solutions, so you don’t need to worry about anything, when hitting the Buy button.

What to expect from the 10tacled blog? Here’s where you’ll find the latest and greatest news on everything 10tacled – from cool products/service updates, latest sketches and studio news to whatever happens around and inspires my work at the moment. I know how you guys love to browse my sketchbooks on the stall, so there will be plenty of that!

What you are not going to see here are cute puppy/kitten videos (just give them a break, guys!), or daily updates on what I had for lunch today (with pictures of course), or meaningless tirades on the meaning of life, etc. There’s enough of this type of stuff online already, so my input won’t be necessary.

So stay tuned, bookmark this blog, add the RSS feed or email to a friend/uncle/cousin, and let’s pump up the volume on the 10tacled news! And of course, I would love getting your feedback on 10tacled products and this blog, but also what you want to see discussed and showcased here in the future, so don't hesitate to drop me a line or two in the comments section.

Until next time friends!

Martin Reznik
(founder of 10tacled)