10TACLED story

10tacled founder and director Martin Reznik portrait

10tacled is a print and design studio of Martin Reznik and an independent apparel brand based in East London, UK.


I founded 10tacled in late 2013, shortly after my graduation from an Illustration and Printmaking degree at the University of East London. Previous to that I’ve also studied fine art and even briefly architecture.

As a kid I doodled continuously, looking up to the likes of Robert Crumb, Dirty Donny, Jim Phillips (Santa Cruz), Kyle Crawford (Electric Zombie), etc. Comics and t-shirt graphics were always my passion, so following this path once I finished my degree was a no-brainer.

First couple of weeks after my graduation I spent drawing intensively and once I had few t-shirt worthy designs, I’ve gathered what was left of my student loan and sent them to a commercial screen printers, which I found on Google search. The idea (or rather lack of it) was a total disaster, as I discovered few days later upon the parcel’s arrival. The cheap t-shirt blanks that I chose were terrible and the print quality even worse – all blobby and rubbery, with the fine detail of my drawings completely gone. I lost all the money and had a box of tees that no one would ever buy. I was devastated. Next few days I’ve spent wallowing in tears and self-pity. And than it hit me..

I’m a printmaker!! And not a bad one either! I can print my own stuff!

With triple energy I threw myself back into work, but this time, after learning my lesson, I’ve decided to do things completely differently. I joined Print Club London (a screen printing studio, which has been home to 10tacled until this day) and began months of experimenting with various fabrics, inks and printing techniques. My research into textiles and clothing manufacturers opened a gigantic can of worms. Suddenly I became aware of all the negative social and environmental impact commonly occurring in the fashion industry: pollution on an enormous scale (pesticides in cotton farming, toxic dyes and printing, shipping and carbon footprint), slave-like and child labour, disposable fast fashion, etc.

Having learnt all that I’ve decided to distance myself from these practices and make 10tacled as ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly business as I possibly can. I’ve been championing the use of ecofibres and toxic-free printing through both, the 10tacled brand, as well as my bespoke screen printing service ever since. 10tacled ranges for men and women are made from fibres such as Tencel, bamboo and organic cotton. These fabrics are sustainable, environmentally sound and kind to the skin. All 10tacled clothing is printed by hand using exclusively top quality water based inks, which do not contain any harmful chemicals at all. I also make sure all my suppliers are carefully selected based on their ethical and environmental policies.

10tacled is a responsible business. I recognise that my actions have an impact on the environment and I am deeply committed to reducing it to the minimum possible level. To achieve this, I must make sure to:

  • always strive to stay among the most environmentally friendly screen printers in the UK,
  • never stop to develop and improve 10tacled products and the ways they are produced,
  • never put profits before people and the environment.

This is a promise to myself and all my existing and potential customers.

Martin Reznik
(founder of 10tacled)